Fill in the correct personal pronouns (subject or object case)

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps. Afterwards press "Check" to check your answers.

   he      her      him      it      she      them      they      They      us      we   
1. Can the children play with this ball?
Can play with ?
2. Can your brother dance a tango with my sister?
Can dance a tango with ?
3. Why can’t Greg and I sit on your bed?
Why can't sit on ?
4. Take these vitamin pills every morning.
Take every morning.
5. Come and visit Alice and me in October.
Come and visit in October.
6. What is in the red box?
What is in ?
7. Is this CD for your teacher?
Is for ?
8. Where is my red T-shit?
Where is ?
9. The children are very quiet.
are very quiet.
10. Who is that lady?
Who is ?
11. I cannot find Mr. Brown. Is Mr. Brown not here?
I cannot find . Is not here?
12. Can you help Charles?
Can you help ?
13. Can we book the room here?
Can we book here?
14. Give Erica the roses!
Give the roses!
15. Can our father have all those documents?
Can have ?