Sunday 05302010

Our plans: On Sunday, we are going to meet at the hostel reception at 930 and take the underground to Camden town and visit Camden and Camden Lock Market until high noon. At 1200 we are going to take the tube again from Camden Town to St. Paul’s tube station and are going to walk down the hill crossing the Millenium Bridge to the Globe theatre where we are going to watch a Shakespeare theatre show, the tragedy “Macbeth”, as groundlings, meaning that we are going to watch the performance of about 3 hours standing and using the breaks of about 20 minutes for sitting down and having bar food or meals in the theatre bistro or at the bar. At 1630 we are going to leave the Globe to take a walk to Covent Garden to enjoy the famous Inigo Jones buildings and Squares. We are going to have dinner at one of the Stockpot restaurants in the West End afterwards and are going to separate for the night at Trafalgar or Leicester Square. We may even take a West End pub or bar tour and end up in a good discotheque or winebar until late at night or early in the morning.

Our report:
On Sunday, 06302010, we visited the famous Camden Lock Market. It was overwhelming. We found very cool and stylish clothes which were reasonably priced. Then we had a short stop in a Shisha bar, just to relax by smoking apple flavoured tobacco. Then we had lunch at the "Haché", where we ordered delicious burgers and salads. After that we went to the train station and were disappointed because the station was closed during the rush hour until 1500. Nevertheless our teacher, Mr. Seidensticker, was a very good navigator and we found a bus station nearby and took a "Doppeldeckerbus" to Trafalgar Square. One of us left for Reading to visit his girlfriend. At Trafalgar Square, we watched the thousands of people, took many, many photos and admired the waterfountains, the architecture and the famous Nelson column. We did a little walk then, crossing Whitehall, Downing Street, the Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. At Westminster Bridge we saw the famous London Eye. But nobody was ready for the adventure to climb in, for a rotations tour. So we did a lot of photos and returned to our hostel at 5 pm. Our travel guide went back to his Thistle hotel to prepare for a concert by Mark Knopfler at the Royal Albert Hall. In the night, seven of us went to the hip West End disco club "Bar Rumba" and danced until 4 in the morning. Mr Seidensticker even was with them until 1 o'clock. He only had to cross the street to his hotel, but the 7 students took a group taxi for 30 pounds back to Bayswater. It was a lot of fun.