58 letters on the American Dream from San Marcos University students, San Diego, California, USA
letter 8: Ashley Choumas

October 15, 2007

German Writing Prompt

GEL 101

1. My family immigration story begins in the ancient city of Greece. My grandfather was born and raised in this beautiful city, where he was trying to pursue his dreams of becoming successful in his own produce line. Although it was a good start, he was not feeling very fulfilled, and knew he could do better in another city. So my grandfather decided to immigrate over to America where he heard had numerous opportunities for everyone. This was the time when America was known as the “Land of Opportunities”, and my grandfather did not want to miss out on it. As the journey began, he had come to the assumption that the western most part of America had not been completely established as much as the east coast had been, furthermore he came to the conclusion that this was the best area to uproot his produce business, in California. Since there was not very many popular produce lines in this area, he quickly became one of the most famous produce distributors on the west coast in no time. Overall, I am very glad my grandfather decided to come to Southern California to follow his dreams. After all, if he would not have, I might not be here in the beautiful area that I am, which I love. I could have been in Greece, or maybe my father would not have met my mother. Gladly enough, my grandfather did what he thought was best and contributed to his family in none but the best of ways for generations to come.

2. The photograph pictured is an exact realism of how America is in reality and how it has become known over time. You could say America is the “melting pot” of the world, which is what makes it so unique. There are no other countries which are so ethnically diverse, as is America. This photograph undeniably speaks a thousand words, contributing to the idea that America is the “Land of Opportunities”, which every individual seems to seek. Not only is the United States of America popular for pursuing dreams, but our democracy government is widely praised in the efforts of making our country simply ours, by our decisions. The photograph means many different things to me, firstly showing how welcoming we are to other immigrants into our lands. On the picture it shows Mexicans walking up from Mexico, people sailing over on water, a Shepard bringing in his cattle, and other immigrants coming in as well. Accordingly, this photograph is an example that America is very giving and accepting to letting in new citizens and helping them make their lives a better place. There is no other country in the world that is as well known or as powerful as America, and I believe this is another contributing fact for foreigners to be coming to our lands. If you were told you could pursue any dream you ever imagined, and have it come true, wouldn’t you want to come to the “Land of Opportunities” as well?