58 letters on the American Dream from San Marcos University students, San Diego, California, USA
letter 54: Kailee Olson

I believe the American Dream is an idea of success that has followed Americans since we first moved to this continent. As the years go by the idea has changed dramatically, but the idea essentially remains the same. I think that the American Dream is having the ability and freedom to decide what king of life you would like to have for yourself. I believe that it is the opportunity to achieve your goals and succeed in any ventures you take on. Although I strongly believe in working hard towards your dreams, I think that many of the people living in the United States and immigrants don’t comprehend exactly what the American Dream is. I think that people have their own levels they work towards and aren’t willing to put in the extra effort that it might take in order to accomplish their own ideas. I believe that a lot of the people living in the United States and Immigrants have expectations of what they should receive and sometimes they are angry when everything doesn’t exactly go your way. Along with that idea is the fact that the American Dream isn’t as strongly believed in as it was in the past, especially when it comes to native citizens. Nowadays, immigrants to this country keep the American Dream alive, by coming to America and striving to achieve their goals.

My family is Swedish and Norwegian and both sides of my family have personal stories about achieving their American Dream. I am going to tell you about the Swedish side of my family and their personal American Dream story. My great-grandma moved from Sweden to America when she was a teenager. She came with almost no money and ended up getting married and going on to have three children. When she was raising her children she had achieved a slightly higher income level than when she had first moved to America. As my grandma grew up she worked hard to go to college and she ended up getting married and had my mother. As a child my mother worked hard to help my grandma have a better life, and then I ended up with more opportunities than my great-grandma ever had.

The foundation of the American economy is based upon progress. Our country thrives on different people in the United States striving to achieve everything they desire. Without this motivation our countries progress would be limited and halted. I personally believe that the American Dream is possible, and I personally would like to achieve my own personal dream which consist of achieving my masters in Global Business Management and Bachelors in Marketing. I know that I have unlimited opportunities to achieve this goal and I am going to take full advantage of those resources. I hope that other people see my viewpoint and realize that having a goal structures your life and can help you become all you ca