58 letters on the American Dream from San Marcos University students, San Diego, California, USA
letter 49: Heather Charron

The idea of the American Dream is very different from person to person. Many people’s idea of the American Dream includes being successful in a good job, a big house with the white picket fence, expensive cars, and living in a nice neighborhood. This idea of the American Dream is stereo-typical as well as true for many people. The idea of the American Dream is usually thought of by foreigners of America. People from other countries set out to come to America to be successful and live their interpretation of the American dream. I feel that recently the idea of the American Dream has changed for some immigrants it is just to get to America, living in the United States all they set out for. For others the idea of the American dream has gotten even more over the top, most Americans strive to be richest, most successful person in the world. It is now a competition or game to see who can make the most money and who they can take out on the way. The American dream isn’t the nice innocent dream that it used to be. It’s an excuse for people to work long hours, and pay for their happiness rather than striving to be happy without money. The American dream to me is to work really hard to get where you want to be in life and to hope everything works out in the end, once you’ve done everything you can. When things become what you’ve always wanted them to be, your dream will be fulfilled and the reward will be so much better. Like the saying good things happen to good people, the American Dream can be fulfilled through hard work, good intentions, and good luck. Pursuing an American dream takes a lot of hard work as well dedication and determination. The best part of an American Dream is it can be anything desired and for anyone. The American dream can is usually manipulated into success, wealth, or material possessions. I feel the American Dream is an opportunity to become successful where in most countries this is not available to the majority of people. Like everything in life there will be many of obstacles in the way, but to overcome those obstacles with effort, perseverance, and determination is what the American Dream is all about.