58 letters on the American Dream from San Marcos University students, San Diego, California, USA
letter 45: Trent

Writing prompts

1. Reasons why I would want to come to California would be because it is generally a state where there is little discrimination. Different races get along well with each other and everyone had the same opportunities as everyone else. In America, everyone is treated fairly no matter what race you are so minorities of America do not feel any less significant than the majority.

2. I really enjoy living in Southern California not just because of the fantastic weather but because there is hardly any racial discrimination. I feel like everyone is treated fairly and that there is no reason why anyone should feel like they are discriminated against. The only possible discrimination there might be in Southern California would be towards the illegal immigrants who come from Mexico because we are so close to the border.

3. The photograph is a picture of Mexicans who broke down the walls that lead into America and are going towards America. The reality to this is that it is actually taking place. People in Mexico are trying to come to America for freedom but unfortunately they are doing it illegally. It is happening in today’s world and many of the illegal immigrants are getting into America and then getting caught and sent back to Mexico. It is a bad situation and it needs to be solved.