58 letters on the American Dream from San Marcos University students, San Diego, California, USA
letter 42: Tara

There are a vast amount of reasons for people desiring to come to the United States. Some people want to come for education, better health care, or better economic opportunities. Some want to escape oppression and discrimination, and some just hope for a better life here in America. The American Dream is a very controversial subject. If you are just like the majority of people residing here, then the good life is easy to achieve. If you don’t have many people working against you, and you are doing your absolute best to succeed, there is a chance it’ll happen. However, there are many people who work with all their might, and yet they’re still living in poverty. I personally like the freedom I have here in Southern California, but not all people can say the same. Gay people still do not have the same rights that I do- and it is things like this that I would like to change about our society. I have not felt racial discrimination, but I have definitely witnessed it for other people.

 This picture, to me, represents The American Dream. Going back to what I explained earlier, it is true to a certain extent. There is religious freedom, but I cannot say that a person will not be discriminated against if their religion is not common. The image of the immigrants traveling here is very real. Most of the immigrants who are living in America dropped all that they possessed at their homeland- gave everything up- with hopes, but no assurance, of a better life.