58 letters on the American Dream from San Marcos University students, San Diego, California, USA
letter 3: Alex

1. Write a short family immigration story explaining your ethnicity, immigrant dreams, and any reasons for wanting to come to America over other countries to CA. over other states. In this writing, also explain reasons why you like or dislike living in SoCal, and if, and how you have felt racial discrimination.

2. Write a short response to the photograph and its picture of reality here in SoCal and America. Explain what the different images mean to you.

1. I am almost exactly half Irish and half German. My ancestors on my father’s side, the Irish, came to America during the potato famine because of the starvation that was happening. My mother’s side, which came from Germany, came to our country with hopes of a better future for themselves as well as their children. Both sides came legally, taking the time to complete the required education and papers. I like living in Southern California but I hope to live in Colorado or somewhere a little less hot than San Diego. The very small amount of racial discrimination I have encountered has not been towards me and in my opinion is not serious where I live, but that is a matter of opinion.

2. I feel the picture is pretty realistic because it mainly depicts the Mexicans immigrating to America, and in Southern California, San Diego especially, it is very accurate. I am not of Hispanic origin, so I couldn’t really form an opinion of their reasons for coming here other than in search of a better life and that can be said of all immigrants. Each territory has a larger population of immigrants from different regions than others; all have their own reasons but can be summed up as search for opportunity. This picture shows that in many categories.