58 letters on the American Dream from San Marcos University students, San Diego, California, USA
letter 38: Sam

German Project

1) My family ethnicity is white. My mother emigrated from New Zealand, leaving the country for the purpose of traveling, and eventually came to reside in the United States. My mother’s dreams were simply to see and experience what the world had to offer. California became her permanent residence after she met my father and chose this beautiful place, mainly due to its location and great weather, to spend the remainder of her life and to raise her family.

2) I thoroughly enjoy living in southern California on behalf of it being next to the ocean and the beautiful weather this place has to offer. The food, the people, and the many other aspects of southern California all create a magnificent culture that should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Though I may not have experienced racial discrimination myself, I have observed many counts of it growing up. The majority of it have been hateful words impressed upon those of Mexican decent, but there have been a few incidents where people have been physically hurt on behalf of their race. Though racial discrimination may not be observed in every aspect of our society, it still exists.

3) Portrayed in the picture is a California that is always shining with light, whose doors are open to everyone and anyone, and a glimpse of hope and prosperity for those in search of it. The false reality of this picture is that it is not always sunny in California, just as any other place, California deals with many problems just as do other places in the United States and the rest of their world. The true reality of the picture is that California may simply provide a better standard of living for immigrants than their home country had.