58 letters on the American Dream from San Marcos University students, San Diego, California, USA
letter 30: Michael Rebel

Professor Anderson

GEL 101

7 October 2007


1. My family ethnicity is predominantly German. My immigration story involves my grandpa. When he was young he and his parents were sent to concentration camps. Both his parents died when he was still young, his father in the camp, and his mother shortly after. He then wanted to come to America because he was tired of going hungry. He came in search of a job in order to make money. He was in America for six months before he was drafted into the army, and was stationed in Germany. While in Germany he met my grandma and they got married. She then was able to come to America, and get a job as well. They were both able to fulfill their dreams of living a better life, than they were living before.

2. I enjoy living in southern California because the weather is nice all year around. I am able to play baseball whenever I want, as well as go to the beach a lot throughout the year. I myself have not faced any racial discrimination.

3. This photograph is very true to how I think most immigrants feel. In southern California it is a very diverse place like most of America, so all the different ethnicities of the people in the picture relate to the country. The picture shows the people that are coming by boat, and by foot. There is also a Jesus type of silhouette which represents the freedom of religious beliefs for all people.