58 letters on the American Dream from San Marcos University students, San Diego, California, USA
letter 28: Lavinna Arjona

October 7, 2007


1. My family ethnicity is Filipino. Both of my parents were born in the Philippines and immigrated here in America. They wanted to come here in America to live a better life and to have a better future. They chose California because they heard so many good things about it and they had family already there too.

2. I love it here in America and in the state of California. The weather is wonderful and the state is beautiful. I would not want to live in another state. I cannot think of anything I dislike about this country and state. I have experienced racial discrimination while I was growing up. Some of my classmates called me a chink or made comments about me being Asian. I am Filipino and only one-eighth Chinese, but you cannot really tell. The older kids pick on me and tease me because I am “Chinese” as they say.

3. The photograph is very beautiful and it does reflect what you find here in America. This is the land of opportunity and a better life. I think a person would have a better chance here than in another country. Different kinds of people come here in America providing them with what they expect. However, even though there are laws passed about racial discrimination, it still occurs today. In America, there are advantages and disadvantages. This photo is somewhat true, but there much more that occurs in America. This photo only shows the good side of America.