58 letters on the American Dream from San Marcos University students, San Diego, California, USA
letter 25: Kenny

LA Dream

 When I saw the picture depicting the LA dream, I found some similarities to it and my experiences in Southern California. It shows many Latin American cultures coming to America or to be more precise California, which is true. The comparison of LA to the shining city on a hill of the first American settlers is slightly ironic. Yes, the immigrants are coming to America to start a new life, yet they come to America and most work for minimum wage or less while trying to support a family and are met with growing prejudice and hatred. Yet while they are a vital part of the Californian work force many occupy the lower educated and low income jobs. So while they are trying to become the American dream of rags to riches, they are met with daily difficulties and prejudices.

 When I saw the picture the image that caught my eye was the man with large feet with roots underneath them. This shows that the man is tearing up his roots, what he knows, his culture, his family, and moving them to a strange place where they may not fit in. Yet I see that this is the sacrifice they must make to try and have a successful happy life. Also many of the people travelling are looking back as if longing to stay, I believe this is one reason that they are met with prejudice, because they like their old culture and do not wish to change while society demands that they change. While this is the truth of things I wish that it was society that would change to incorporate their culture and be more understanding to their hardships.