58 letters on the American Dream from San Marcos University students, San Diego, California, USA
letter 22: Katie

German Project

1. I am the third generation in my family. On one side of my family we are Italian, and they lived in Italy in the biggest city in the heel. I do not know why they decided to move to America. The story is that there were five daughters all with the name of Massimo. All five daughters married Italian men and later moved to America. The next generation that is already in America, which would be my grandfather, married within the states and been here ever since. The other side of my family is a bit of everything. They are French, Irish, Dutch, Scottish, English, and German. Again I do not know why exactly they decided to move to America, I guess you could say it was more of an adventure for them than an actual move. Everyone needs a little adventure in their lives. For whatever reason why they came, I am glad they did. I like living in America and in southern California, and apparently everyone else does as well due to all of the migration we all have seen over the past few years. I hope everyone enjoys America and if they are migrating to Southern California, I hope they love it as much as I love it.

2. I have many reasons in which I like living in Southern California and I also have many reasons in which I do not like living in Southern California. A reason why I like living in Southern California is the beautiful scenery and of course the wonderful climates. I like the fact that there is a lot of diversity here but I do not like the fact that there is so much diversity that sometimes I feel like I am not in America; this is one of the down falls of living in Southern California. I absolutely love California and would not want to live anywhere but here, however, I do have to say that since we are so close to the border there are many people who enter legally and illegally every day. I have never been discriminated against personally but there are those people who feel the need to come into our country and discriminate against our people. Then there are also those people who are already citizens of the country who discriminate against those of diverse nationality who migrate to this country (America). I would hope that our people have enough decency to respect the people that enter our country and would expect the same courtesy from those people that enter into our county; however, lets face reality and be honest with our selves. We can all keep hoping for some kind of world peace but in reality there is no such thing that exists nor will it ever exist. Everyone that has common decency and some kind of respect for their fellow Americans will live a far better life than those who just hate the people that are of a different race or has different religious beliefs than you. If everyone tries to get along and accept the diversity here in America then you just might be a happier person after all.