58 letters on the American Dream from San Marcos University students, San Diego, California, USA
letter 20: Janna

1. Family ethnicity and immigration story explaining immigrant dreams

reasons for wanting to come to CA. and America.

- I think that every immigrant’s dream is to be successful and find a better life in the place that they chose to come to, for instance, America. People want to come to America, because there are many jobs here and you can be whatever you want to be with just a little elbow grease. America is a big “mixing” pot as well, so there is no real dominating race, so people feel like they are not discriminated here like they would be in other countries. I think people especially come to California becausewe are right next to the border, so there is not much traveling involved, also we have many job opportunitites here in California and our weather is nice.

2. Reasons why you like or dislike living in SoCal in America, and

if, and if and how you have felt racial discrimination.

- I don’t mind living in SoCal because I feel that everyone has a right to be here if they work hard and do not cause harm or trouble to anyone in their quest to becoming accomplished. I am white, so sometimes I feel racial discriminations toward me because I am white, I am automatically assumed to be rich and spoiled rotten.

3. A response to the photograph and its picture of reality here in

SoCal and America.

I think that this painting has a very valuable message to it, because it is the history of America. People are coming to it from all over the world bringing with them their knowledge from their home lands and their religion which they are allowed to freely follow here in America