58 letters on the American Dream from San Marcos University students, San Diego, California, USA
letter 16: Erica

1. America really is the land of opportunity and people see it as a much better place to live that their own home countries. They want to get better paying jobs. They would rather raise their children there and want them to be Americans so they can have an even better life. I know that is why my family came to the United States. For others, they may be feeling oppressed. They see America as a haven, and are willing to leave everything they have ever known for that.

2. I really like living in SoCal. I have lived elsewhere and it is definitely my favorite. One of my favorite things about southern California is the diversity. There is such a mix of cultures. From Latino, Asian, European, Middle Eastern, African. There are just so many to experience. It's just never boring. I don't understand people who only want to experience their own cultures. It is much more fun to try new things, especially foods : )

I am still amazed that there are still people who discriminate based on people's race. I mean, it's 2007. I thought we had moved past that. But unfortunately, those people do exist. And really, it's just ignorance on their part. Unless they are Native American, don't they realize that we ALL immigrated here at some point? Just because their family has been here for centuries, it doesn't take away that fact. Those people really need a history lesson.

3. The picture shows America as it has always been for immigrants: a land of opportunity. And that is true. In America, as long as you have the drive and determination, you pretty much do anything and make something of yourself. For hundreds of years people from all the countries of the world have come to the United States because of that very reason. However, it is not without its hardships. You can't expect to be successful all the time. There might be some roadblocks along the way, and you need to be prepared for that.

Another thing I notice is the picture makes it seem as though the borders to America are wide open to everyone, but they're not. There are rules that need to be followed in order to come to America. It's not fair to those who came here legally to cross the border without proper authorization. They had to follow the rules and so should everyone else.