58 letters on the American Dream from San Marcos University students, San Diego, California, USA
letter 14: David Kang


GEL 101

1. The reason for coming to California and America is for immigrants and families from different ethnical backgrounds to have a better life style. They are looking for better jobs and trying to have their kids get a better education through a more precise learning experience.

2. I like living in Southern California in America because the weather here is almost perfect everyday, the education experience is developed a lot better, and it is one of the wealthiest economic countries.

3. I think that the photograph is demonstrating how immigrants are trying to find every different way to come to America or SoCal to fulfill that certain dream. The picture uses the sun and the American flag to symbolize heaven or a specific goal that the immigrants are trying to reach. The people have their belongings as if they are starting a new life somewhere else. The picture here in reality demonstrates how lucky we are as a country. America is a very diverse country and it is still developing in society.