58 letters on the American Dream from San Marcos University students, San Diego, California, USA
Letter 1: Alana

Phonesavanth Navasak

Professor Anderson

GEL 101

07 October 2007

Journal Entry

 My family immigrated from Laos to the United States around the 70’s. They were trying to escape oppression from the communist during the Vietnam War. The stories my grandmother would tell me included incidents were at night that would be planes dropping bombs and raids that occurred at night. People would get shot if that defied the Vietnamese soldiers. There were time when she told me that she saw bodies tied to bamboo poles drifting down Mekong River when as she crossed over to Thailand with her family. When my family was able to travel to California, it such a huge relief. America was a place filled with hopes and dreams. Although coming to California was a dream come true, my family was struggling because they did not have enough money to live comfortably. My aunts and uncle would tell me that they had to walk long distances to school weather it rain or shined. Welfare also helped my family through tough times. When my aunts and uncles were able to work and go to college, that was when my famil began to see the American dream. There were able to afford to buy cars and houses. My family are now able to live comfortably.

 I like living in southern California because it’s very diverse. There are so many different kind of culture. The weather is great and the beach is a couple of minutes away. I also appreciates the city life compare to the countryside because this is what im used to and where I grew up. I am able to eat out when I get the chance and hang out with many different people. Although I do live in San Diego, my family lives in an area full of minorities. I have never faced any raical discrimination towards myself, my family or my friends before. I believe it is due to the fact that the majority of the people in the area are minority and we seem to connect pretty well with each other. I have seen gang fights and argument while I was in high school. These event usually involved some sort of ignorant comment towards one another.

 In the picture I see an opening towards the America flag and there is a rising sun. I also see many people walking towards the flag. I believe everyone in the picture has the same idea of what America has to offers that no other country can. Because the United States is a democracy, everyone has right and their right are protected. This allows anyone to achieve there goals and dreams.